Cumaru Decking 

Bending Strength: 14,793 psi

Janka Hardness: 3540

Description: Beautiful, rich colors ranging from golden tan to warm red/brown.

Durability: Very durable and naturally resistant to decay, mold and insects. Offers over a 30 year life span without constant maintenance or repairs. Cumaru decking features many benefits including a splinter-free and slip-free surface that stays cool in the summer that is safe for bare feet.


Benefits Of Cumaru Wood

Commonly called Brazilian Teak, Cumaru has many similar characteristics with the Brazilian hardwood IPE, and can make for a great choice when it comes to hardwood decking material. This long-lasting, prized hardwood comes in beautiful hues of dark red, yellow, and brown, which makes it stand out from other types of tropical hardwoods. Cumaru is a fantastic choice for both residential and commercial projects, from decking and siding to commercial boardwalks and public walkways. At Premium Decking Products, many of our clients choose Cumaru decking as a more affordable alternative to Brazilian IPE decking, while getting all the benefits that come with a tropical hardwood decking. Read more about why Cumaru may be the right choice for your dream deck and dock! For your Brazilian wood needs, call Premium Decking Products in Hollywood to order your lumber today!

Cumaru is a top choice for decking and siding, due to its high levels of durability and natural resistance to rot, mold, decay, and insects. The density and strength of Cumaru is apparent when you touch and walk on it, since decking made out of this type of wood has very little give or bounce to it. The Janka hardness of Cumaru decking is also able to stand up to extremely high amounts of foot traffic without any noticeable wear. It is an extremely stable, dense, and durable hardwood. Cumaru has a Janka Hardness of 3,200 pounds, and is one of the strongest hardwoods you can use!

As a beautiful hardwood with very similar qualities and benefits to IPE, Cumaru makes for a more cost effective alternative while providing you with a reliable and long lasting decking solution.When it comes to service life, Cumaru has one of the highest possible decay resistance ratings of up to five decades!

Cumaru holds a fine grain and a subtle waxy feel, and stands out from the other tropical hardwoods with its beautiful dark red, yellow, and brown hues. This beautiful wood is a great choice for residential and commercial projects- From decking and siding at home, to commercial boardwalks and public walkways, Cumaru is a versatile, high-quality option.

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Cumaru Decking can be a great choice for your decking needs as a cost-effective alternative to more expensive woods. Premium Decking Products is a top provider of lumber for decking and other needs. Call Premium Decking Products in Hollywood today!

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