If you’re looking to upgrade your decking lumber, or build the deck of your dreams, you may want to research Brazillian lumber. Types like Ipe, Cumaru and Tigerwood offer great advantages compared to other building materials, especially if you happen to live in a balmier climate, such as Hollywood Florida. Premium Decking Products has a large selection of lumber, including Ipe decking. 


Composite Decking

If you’ve worked with composite lumber previously, you may wonder what the differences are between the two. Composite decking consists of a synthetic wood and plastic combination, giving it the appearance of real wood and toting that there’s less maintenance involved than real wood decking lumber. But in more recent years, it’s been found that composite decking doesn’t come with it’s fair share of problems, leading many to seek the more natural and stronger wood lumber instead. One of the major problems of composite decking is mold growth. Once it appears, you can use cleaning agents to remove it, but it also removes part of the composite’s finish, leaving it further susceptible to more mold growth down the road. 


Composite decking also shows its age quite quickly, sometimes as soon as just a few years. If you do happen to replace some boards, they will undoubtedly stand out from the rest of the deck, as well as your deck not having as illustrious looking boards faster than you may think. And with that fading, you may want to stain it to maintain its appearance, which is exactly what the decking companies say you don’t have to do for regular maintenance, but that is often the case. With these issues arising more and more, the choice is clear: Ipe decking or Cumaru decking can transform your outdoor area in no time.


Brazillian Lumber

There are five tried and true South American types of lumber that are great for decking. One of them is Ipe, which is one of the strongest types of wood out there. It can last up to 75 years, maybe more, and is used in a lot of boardwalks and construction projects with such a reputation. This wood naturally resists mold and wood boring insects, while also proving to be slip-resistant, cool to the touch and never splinters. Cumaru wood is very similar to Ipe in durability, mold and insect resistance. Cumaru offers more color choices than Ipe, ranging from a golden tan to a reddish brown. It is also low maintenance, and can be almost 40% cheaper than Ipe decking.  


Tigerwood is also a beautiful, rich colored lumber from South America. It can last upwards of thirty years or more, while being a very low maintenance wood. It is mold and wood boring insect repellent, and doesn’t splinter either. Garapa decking, also known as Brazillian Ash, comes in a breathtaking light yellow to a warm golden hue. It sports the same natural mold and insect repellents, while boasting a thirty year or more lifespan. Garapa is a finer-grain hardwood but still offers great durability and strength. Massaranduba, also known as Brazillian Redwood, is another highly durable and strong hardwood, offering seven times more strength than California Redwood lumber. Massaranduba also has great natural mold, rot, and insect resistance, and has a lifespan of over thirty years. This lumber does require a yearly coating of water sealant to maintain and prolong its life. 


The Bottom Line

Composite decking boomed when it first was introduced, but the longer it’s been in decks around the country, the more it appears it may not be worth the struggles involved in maintaining this decking. Natural wood always evokes a lot of maintenance and labor, but that’s further from the truth. Many hardwood decking materials are fairly low maintenance while offering great strength and decay resistance. And most hardwood decking is equal and some cases cheaper than composite decking.


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