Among several other objects like brick, stone, or tile, there remains a high chance that homeowners would like to install wooden flooring for the outdoor living place. Reasons for so? First, the stone is pretty expensive and involves a lot of arrangements to transport to some areas. Concrete cement may give a finished look at a cheaper rate, but it is challenging to repair if there are cracks. To be frank enough, hardwood flooring offers a chic look that cement doesn’t. Tiles too end up costing too high. Premium Decking Products, one of the best providers of Brazilian lumber in Hollywood, shares some of the best ideas for your outdoor space.

What Is Hardwood Flooring?

Wooden flooring remains a preferred choice for most homeowners, though it requires high maintenance. The flooring will have to stay under the direct exposure of sunlight and harsh weather, and thus there has to be an altogether different planning process for installing a wooden floor for your outdoor space. 

You have to consider several other features if your client is up for wood flooring. One of them is how your client wishes to use that wooden space. Does the client want dimensional stability to resist weather changes or want a hard kind of wood to tolerate heavy foot traffic? For different situations and planning, there comes a variety of woods. For Brazilian lumber, you should choose to connect with experts and discuss more.

Best Wood For Installation

Here, we are presenting the best solid wood species that you can choose to install in your outdoor space:

  • Yellow Pine – Most people usually choose yellow pine wood for decking, though it demands a lot of maintenance. It is a softwood, and thus it goes through the process of wrapping quite quickly. However, the wood is widely available and therefore, is relatively cheaper. Ipe, Red Balau, Mahogany, and Golden Ironwood are the tropical hardwood species that are also wiser choices for decking. They have their advantages of being dense, durable, and insect-resistant. But during the summer, these dark shades of woods tend to heat up, making the flooring a bit uncomfortable.
  • Redwood and Cedar can be good choices since they need no additional chemicals sprayed to retain their beauty. Also, they have a natural resistance against bugs and insects. But, they may not be able to tolerate heavy foot traffic, and also may fade to grey due to the exposure to UV rays.
  • Cypress is a wise choice since it has natural oil to give a floor a modish look. Also, it can resist rotting and bugs, and thus demands less maintenance.


Variety In Wood

Apart from the solid wood, you can choose the other varied types of wood that can be good choices, as well.

  • Pressure-treated wood is widely available and is cost-effective. But for areas, where the temperature fluctuates a lot, this wood should be avoided, since it is dimensionally unstable.
  • Composite wood contains plastic and wood fibre and needs significantly less maintenance. This species also contains UV inhibitors and pigments, and it won’t rot or split. But, unlike pressure-treated wood, it is not cheap, and it doesn’t give a real wood-like feeling.


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