Is your home feeling more cramped with the extra time you’re spending working from home? Thinking your home could use a little revamp while you have the free time? If you live in a warmer climate, such as Hollywood, Florida, you know how comfortable being outdoors is. Whether you have a deck or not, an outdoor living room may be the best of both worlds for your home and family. But if this feels like an undertaking, don’t worry! Premium Decking Products is here to assist you through the process, offering the best in hardwood, including Brazilian lumber.


Needing That Perfect Space In Your Home

You may have children at home learning and need extra space to accommodate science projects and homework. You may be working from home and now need an area to convert into an office, and hopefully away from distractions. Your partner may be in the same position as you, or still in need of a way to have some alone time. Either way, a typical home only has one living room, and potentially an additional room such as a family room, but usually not much else. You can utilize a dining room table but only for certain hours of the day, which leaves you needing more spaces in your home to get work done. 


Creating an outdoor space with a roof, such as a living room, gives you flexibility to get some fresh air while also working your 9-5. Whether you want to upgrade your existing deck to become more of a living space, or completely create the new outdoor area from scratch, you’ll need plenty of measurements. Knowing what you want as your end product will better help with determining the length and width of the area, along with how much viable backyard space you have to begin with. Having a certain idea in your head about the design and style can better prepare you for when it’s time to decorate. Before that part, though, you’ll need to secure the flooring of your outdoor living space. 


Choosing Which Hardwood Is Best

Depending on what you’re working with, you may be adding to your pre-existing deck, which will most likely already be hardwood flooring of some type, even Brazilian lumber. If you are working with a brand new space, the possibilities are endless. You can select concrete pavers, stones, wood or deck tiles, bricks, composite decking, and hardwood decking boards. All of these flooring types will most likely have positive and negative attributes, but picking the one you like the most and will do your backyard space justice will be the ultimate winner. Going with hardwood decking boards offers you the most flexibility and durability, as this wood is treated to last and can thrive in more humid conditions, especially Brazilian lumber. Cumaru lumber is durable and beautiful, available in a wide range of colors. Cumaru can last up to thirty years in the outdoors without a lot of maintenance and repairs, maintaining it’s sheen and strength without splintering and staying cool to the touch in summer months.     


Composite decking boards typically come in 12 and 16 foot boards, giving you less to work with in terms of dimensions and creating your space. Hardwood flooring comes in many different dimensions and sizes, giving you the flexibility to fit it into smaller spaces more easily. Hardwoods such as Ipe and Cumaru are heat, scratch, mildew and bug resistant, and are highly durable and sturdy, lasting years and years. Ipe is one of the strongest hardwoods out there, with the same fire rating as concrete or steel, this wood is proven to champion the elements and give you a great looking outdoor living space. 


The Choice is Clear

With so many different choices in flooring for your outdoor living room, it can be tricky to narrow them down. Hardwood flooring though, is the clear winner. With such strength and durability, this wood can withstand tropical storms without suffering a scratch. And with a wide range of hardwood types, there’s a color and style that can match any space. 


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