Residential decks are increasing with non-wood surface materials, when it was once dominated by woods like cedar. These products will be labeled as composites, and used as ample supplies for home improvement and outdoor construction. Premium Decking Products can help with this, but there are some facts to be aware of when purchasing composite deck boards in Hollywood.

Composite Deck Board Facts

  • Not All Decking Is Composite

Older synthetic decking material includes plastic and PVS (High-density polyethylene), however, these are now old-fashioned and not used anymore. True composite decking is a combination of byproducts of wood, such as sawdust or vinyl resins. A new variation includes bamboo bonded together. 

  • Not all Building Codes Are the Same

Your local building code may or may not offer non-wood in deck construction, or restrict its use. It may be used for surface decking, but be forbidden on any stairs, railings, or various parts. Always call ahead and check to see what’s allowed in your area for decking.

While the composites are becoming more accepted for decks, always check anyways. Be wary also of any composite products for support framing. They are available, but code may not allow it for load-bearing use.

  • Composite isn’t Just Decking

While synthetic woods were just the surface of the deck, it now comes in a variety of products including rails and balusters, stairway treads, and other pieces. It also comes in post caps, lattice work, and fascia boards. It comes in 12, 16, and 20-foot lengths.

Composite Decking Can Be Expensive

Quality decking can be two or three times more expensive compared to cedar lumber. For example, the brand Trex usually costs $3 to $7 per square foot. The difference is composites aren’t a matter of quality, but color, style, and texture. Always look less to expensive materials first, then design, and then decide if that’s the direction you want to go in.

Better and usually more expensive composites have a realistic texture that resembles wood. Different types of product will have different patterns and tones, so no board looks exactly the same. Be aware that composite planks that are textured can trip dirt and grime, which is hard to clean with a power washer. They are also susceptible to mildew and algae staining.

Other factors to be aware of is the planks can be slippery when wet, and the smooth textures are the biggest culprit to falling accidents. Think twice if you want a smooth texture for pool decks or stairway treads. Similar to snowy climates.

Choose With Us

Premium Decking Products has you covered with composite deck boards of varying patterns, colors, and texture. We’ll help you discover how to find out if your local building codes will allow this type of material for your deck too. We help all of Hollywood’s needs with special ordering and luxurious styles. 

Call us today to see what kind of decking you require for your sunny home in California. We’ll get you the proper decking to hang outside in the beautiful weather.

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