Composite decking has been a very popular option since the 1990s. Composite decking proved to be a better alternative to wooden decking that was previously stable in many households. People preferred composite decking because it is easy to maintain and lasts longer. Composite decking is composed of plastic, and wood fibers. Composite decking can also be made from recycled plastics and wooden material. Often times composite decking can alternatively be made with polyvinyl. This creates decking that is a little less sturdy due to the polyvinyl so agents are added for coloring and additional fibers are added to help protect it. Composite decking is more resistant to extreme weather conditions that we see on the west coast often. Also, composite decking doesn’t splinter and is resistant to warping. Warping is a deformity you see in wooden boards if they are not properly maintained. Composite boards usually do not rot and are resistant to insects. Composite decking has wood that is chemically treated, so it does not attract insects and parasites. You do have to worry about your boards sagging or buckling. If composite decking isn’t placed properly during the installation process it may begin to sad. Composite decking boards need to be installed by licensed professionals that understand how to widely place them. Premium Decking Products in Hollywood offers the best composite decking prices for your decks and docks! At Premium Decking Products they carry high-quality composite decking made of recycled materials, and only use ethically sourced tropical hardwoods, bringing you high quality without the sacrifice. For customers who are looking to build outdoors but would like to use composite wood,  they have composite decking brands so that their customers are able to easily pick the product that they feel best fits their individual needs.


Types of Composite Board 


Composite boards can be solid or hollow. Solid composite boards are heavier and are more natural deck boards. Solid composite decking is more expensive and needs to cared for more. Solid decking can be more affected by varying weather temperatures than hollow boards. When installing Hollow you need to be very careful because these boards are easier to damage. Hollow decking is also on the cheaper side so many people choose to go with this option for their household. Solid composite decking is more expensive than hollow, but overall composite decking boards usually are much cheaper than normal wooden decking boards. Composite boards are much longer than wooden boards. You may prefer to use composite boards if you are looking for decking boards that are easier to maintain and last much longer.  Composite color can be found in a variety of different colors. You have the option to purchase composite decking boards in any color that you would like. This is great because you don’t have to worry about painting your decking boards at all. Premium Deck Products which is located in Hollywood offers tropical hardwood, marine lumber, and composite decking to meet all of your building needs.


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