Outdoor living has become a popular concept in the design world, with outdoor kitchens being one of the most desired amenities as ranked by the American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey. Since extending your living space into the outdoors area is a great way to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air from the comfort of your home, this is no surprise. It’s difficult to want to spend time outside on your property without an inviting space! Installing a gorgeous cumaru wood deck is a fantastic way to turn your backyard into an oasis of drinks, barbecue, and entertaining. Read on to learn more things that you should know about Cumaru decking! Premium Decking Products is a top wholesale decking provider in Hollywood. Call Premium Decking Products for your decking needs today!


Considerations With Cumaru Wood For Decking

  • Did you buy the right kind of Cumaru?- Cumaru is a “kiln-dried” wood. Properly drying Cumaru is essential since it gives the wood stability, which is the determining factor about whether or not your deck will warp. The Cumaru decking boards we provide are specifically dried for exterior use. There is also Cumaru that has been kiln-dried for interior use; if you use Cumaru that was intended for interior use for building outside, then the wood will expand and ruin your project. All of this applies to using Cumaru decking for an interior project- using exterior Cumaru wood will shrink indoors. That’s why it’s essential to specify what your project will be when ordering your Cumaru and finding the correctly dried wood.
  • Materials used for structure are key- Quality and aesthetics are probably important to you if you’ve settled on Cumaru hardwood for your decking. It’s essential to build the underlying structure using quality hardware in order to protect your investment. We recommend using hardware that was designed specifically to complement tropical hardwood. The structural integrity of your deck will not only extend the life of your deck, but will also ensure a safer and stronger deck. When you order cumaru wood, you need to ensure that you’re also ordering all of the hardware that is necessary for the installation.


More Considerations For Your Cumaru Deck

  • Have a plan for lighting, shade, and accessories- The right lighting is everything, especially for decks. Set a relaxing mood outside with ambient lighting. Good lighting is also key for safety. You really don’t want to go up or down your Cumaru stairs without stairs or railing lights! Lighting over or around your deck will extend how much time you’re able to spend on your deck as well. If you plan on grilling on your deck, for example, then you need to account for how you’re going to light your grill. It’s important to discuss what lighting plan you have in mind with your deck installer so that an electrician doesn’t have to tear out some of your Cumaru deck boards later on. You should have a plan in mind for your safety lighting, ambient lighting, and functional or task lighting before you install your Cumaru deck.


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