If you enjoy entertaining and own a backyard, you may greatly benefit from a sturdy, stunning outdoor deck. In this day and age of social distancing, health experts advise that upcoming family or holiday events be moved to an outdoor setting whenever possible. Installing a deck might not only add to your current lifestyle, but it might also create new possibilities for you and your family. Opting to install a deck may be an easy decision, but choosing the best wood for the job is another matter. Homeowners in Hollywood should consider the benefits of cumaru compared to the conventional deck woods on the market. Not sure which wood is the best for your outdoor benches? Premium Decking Products are professionals who can help!


What Is Cumaru Wood?


Cumaru, also called Brazilian teak, is a natural hardwood originating from South America. An incredibly tough and resistant wood, cumaru is used around the world for outdoor installations. A rich auburn color, cumaru wood makes for stylish, sensible outdoor flooring and seating. Simply search images under “cumaru decking,” and the photos will attest to the stunning beauty of this natural wood. Such a luxurious-looking deck won’t require extensive maintenance since cumaru wood repels water and is resistant to mold and mildew. Finally, cumaru is an economical choice for the savvy homeowner who wants the look and function of an Ipe deck, but at an affordable price.


Why Cumaru Is Superior To Softwoods


Ordinary decks are built from softwoods such as cedar and pine. Despite pressure treatment, these woods are naturally “soft,” absorbing more water than woods like teak, ipe, or cumaru. In order to keep water out of these softwoods, the homeowner must treat the deck wood with a water sealer – and not just once, but regularly. Over time, most homeowners fail to keep up with the high maintenance of a softwood deck, and the stain and paint on the wood planks begin to flake off, allowing further water absorption. This cycle continues until the wood is rotted, moldy, or riddled with wood-boring insects. Save yourself the hassle of constant maintenance, and don’t bother buying wood that you have to maintain more than you enjoy.


Why Cumaru Is Superior To Composite Plastics


One attempted solution to the problem of softwood decking comes from the composite plastic deck industry. Like cumaru decking, composite plastic is harder and more water-resistant than softwood. However, homeowner experience shows that the composite plastic industry is fraught with complaints, dissatisfied customer experience, dishonored product warranties, and stories of eventual deck replacement. No plastic can truly replace the beauty of real wood, and no homeowner should have to experience a regrettable deck choice when a better, natural option is available to them.


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