No matter how well built, how high-quality the materials, how skilled the craftsman who did the job — a wooden deck to your home will not last forever. At least not one you’d be safe to stand on!

Right now, decks you see entering their twilight years are made solely from wood. New home builders know that the new smart choice of deck boards on the market is the composite, a wood alternative.

Are you looking to refurbish the front of your Hollywood home? Here are some of the leading reasons why Brazillian Lumber encourages you to make it a composite deck, such as the ones we show here.

These Decking Boards are More Durable

Compared to composite decking, the wooden deck sounds like it might turn to dust at any moment! Unlike traditional wood decks, composite will not fade, stain, scratch, or mold. Living in a humid climate the way we do, it is essential to use a material that will not rot or warp. 

Composite decking is not just lower-maintenance — it’s virtually no maintenance. Your new deck will not require sandings, stainings, or paintings as your home deck ages. 

Durability Equals Sustainability

Composite decking is the ecologically responsible choice for three different reasons. Its structural and aesthetic endurance means that it will not have to be replaced or repaired multiple times. And while the composite looks and feels like wood, it does so without adding to the rate of deforestation. The boards themselves are made from a handful of different materials — from industrial wood to plastic from discarded shopping bags — all recycled. 

But you never would think that just by looking at the finished product! What you and your neighbors will see are panels and railings that look like the highest-definition wood one can find. Gates and stairs that complete the look and compliment the home in an imaginative way! Composite boards come in an array of grain patterns and rich colors that look like natural wood. But these boards will always look freshly finished, not faded or weathered like a wooden deck. 

You Want To Save Money, Don’t You?

What is true for most things is certainly true for composite decking: investing more money in your deck project now will save you later. Some people are inclined to balk at the sticker price of composite materials compared to wood. However, remember that the composite decks require almost no upkeep. The unforetold costs and work associated with upkeep are what hides behind that price tag. We’ve helped local residents and can show you examples of how their vision and our unique product came together for a long lasting and unblemished smile on the front of their home. We can help you make the best long-term decision.  


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