As the weather cools down, your outdoor living spaces are getting ready for the season and probably being stored inside. While the deck is now open spaced, now is the perfect time to give it a makeover!

Premium Decking Products offers the best trends for your decks and docks. We offer our services to Hollywood for the best looks coming this year.

Top Trends for Decks and Docks

Floating Decks are very popular, and one that lies on along the back of the home. It’s a livable space that could be anywhere in your backyard. It’s perfect for opening doors for homeowners who have a small space, who cannot hold a traditional deck. 

These decks are also lower to the ground, which makes them easy to build and quick due to the lack of structural stilts. 

Accent posts are an important safety feature, and you use it to add style to the deck as well. They make fantastic accent pieces, as you can change the color. For example, a natural wood deck with black railing and white posts.

You have the option of making ornate designs for your posts or shape in a unique way to have stylish decor. This personalizes your deck and brings in your taste to your home.

Furnishings for your space doesn’t have to be a simple path to a basic overlook. Take advantage by creating a full living space outdoors. Depending on your budget and tastes, you can always stick with simple furniture or go all out with a kitchen. Take it a step further and create a setting for an outdoor party with a TV. 

Double-deckers offer homeowners to take it to the next level. Literally. If you have a multi-story home, this type of deck will compliment it. It’s also a great way to use the space under your deck, waste not want not!

Shapes To Your Deck

Adding curves will help personalize the home and add unique ways to express their styles. Create half-circles that align with your home, or combine with a floating deck in your backyard. Also venturing into the grey for a trending home design and add to your deck. Use a grey-like tone that’s popular and offers a modern style.

Adding a touch of unique lighting will help add beauty and a relaxing atmosphere to your backyard. Use it as an accent decor to help shape the space and look warm and inviting. Put it either on the deck posts, pergola, or draped in strands, it will bring in your personal touch.

Decking Products

Use Premium Decking Products for all your needs to bring your backyard into a warm and inviting space. A space is more than a space, and you can bring your deck to life with our quality services for decks and docks for Hollywood. 

Personalize your space to make beautiful memories with these deck trends and make it more enjoyable. During the off-season, come decide on what styles you want for the coming warm months and what products you want to add. 

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