Adding decks and docks to one’s waterfront home is one of the most ambitious projects a homeowner might endeavor. But with anything, the quality starts with materials. But a little know-how doesn’t help either. Premium Decking Products in Hollywood is your perfect jumping-off point. Our selection of materials like exotic woods, eco-friendly options, and water-resistant marine lumber is waiting for you to grab and go forth to build your dream deck!.

Here are seven things that will help you get started right.


  • Understand the Budget Needed for Decks and Docks


The cost of building a deck is measured by the square meter, and the quality of materials is a significant factor in the price per square meter. There is no shame choosing one of our more cost-effect material, especially when you are talking about a larger project. However, for dock projects will insist a higher grade marine lumber is your safest bet. We can help you calculate a close estimate for your consideration.



  • Design It To Have the Most Breathtaking View



Building a deck or dock extension is not as simple as extending the land or housing structure. You want it to truly enhance your property and not detract from the positive attributes of your home, such as lovely views from windows. 


Many people are unsure where to start visually, which is why there are toms of materials that carry landscaping ideas to spark creativity! Hone in on the precise location, aesthetic, and size of the project.


  • Safety Safety Safety


When building a deck or dock, the importance of proper safety cannot be overstated. It is truly a two-pronged consideration. First, you have to be mindful not to put yourself in a place where you can sustain an injury during construction. Second, research the deck codes in Hollywood, and perhaps as a friend or neighbor some steps they took if they built their own. 


Remember the adage, “It’s better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it.” Before you begin, assemble the recommended protective equipment like gloves, respirator masks, and protective goggles. Tell your local hardware store what you are doing, and they will make sure you don’t forget anything.



  • Familiarize Yourself With The Materials 


A visually pleasing deck begins with attractive grade lumber. We can help you find one that compliments your home. Our hardwood selection includes Ipe (a kind of Brazilian wood), Cumuru (Brazilian teak), and Jatoba.


Docks that go out on the water, of course, require particular kinds of treated beams that will resist corrosion from fresh or saltwater. We have options for marine lumber that will do just that.


An excellent looking deck starts with the right materials. For decks, that means either standard lumber or composite decking. There are tons of options to suit your tastes and needs.

And if sustainability is important to you, you will be happy to know that we carry composite beams. Made from recycled materials, these are naturally colorful and require no staining. Ethically sourced, you can create a deck that you love and feel good about.


  • Incorporate Unique Shapes Into Your Design


While this option may add some cost to your deck or dock project, it will also add an attractive flair that will stand out. For anything complicated, geometric that requires lots of dynamic measuring, you might want to work with a professional. We love to see a fun circle or half circle deck instead of the standard rectangle, just to mix it up!


  • Think Of Railings As Accents


Speaking of unique designs, why not apply that idea to your railings? Naturally, adding a railing is a necessary element of safety, but nothing says it has to be boring!



  • As Project Experts Say: Begin With the End in Mind


Consider how you will want to utilize your deck and dock once it is complete? Will you need to plan for suspending outdoor lights? What about built-in storage for water toys! A common choice is to install some overhead to make it pop.


Just be sure your envisioned additions are weatherproof!


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