Are you looking for the perfect wood flooring for your home? Well, here at Premium Decking Products, we tell you all about why garapa wood is the perfect material for your floor. The benefits of garapa are endless, and it is undeniably the best hardwood flooring that any homeowner can install. This type of Brazilian lumber is fine-grained and has a beautiful warm-toned color to it. It looks amazing in any household, and many people actually seek it out because it is very durable and it is resistant to decaying and rotting. It is also very resistant to insects and damage of any kind. It is an amazing investment for any homeowner. Especially, those who are seeking out hardwood flooring. We offer garapa flooring for a great price and you can rest assured that it will deliver quickly because we are a local company. We are proud to carry this type of flooring because we have seen the many benefits that it can provide homeowners. We are the best in Hollywood!


Benefits Of Garapa Wood 

You probably want to know more about the benefits of this Brazilian lumber. One of the main benefits is that it lasts around thirty years, and you won’t even have to use preservatives on it. It is also very durable to the point of being resistant to scratches, so you can count on a smooth surface the entire time you have it. It is also offered at an amazing cost for the longevity and durability that it has. Many other types of wood are very durable and high-quality, but they usually cost a fortune for homeowners. Now, you can receive all of the benefits at a lower cost. Also, this type of wood can fade to a grayish color over time which gives it a rustic feel without looking worn out. Another benefit of this type of wood is that you can use it indoors and outdoors. You can enjoy an amazing floor in your family room or outside when you are cooking on the grill. This wood is also very dense, so it does not warp and dent in any way. It will keep its shape, and it will look like new for years to come. 


Low Maintenance 

One of the best things about garapa is that homeowners do not have to maintain it that often. Of course, you will have to clean your floors when needed, but in terms of shining, scrubbing, and other cleaning rituals, you will not have to with this flooring. Top-quality flooring like our Brazilian lumber will do the job by itself, so homeowners can enjoy their flooring without worrying about keeping it looking fresh.


We Are Happy To Help

Once you decide that you want to install garapa flooring, we will be happy to help! We have a team that provides outstanding customer service for our unique product. You can rest assured that our flooring will be installed with the utmost precision, and it is imported directly. We want your experience with us to be just as good as your experience living with your new flooring.


Contact Us 

Premium Decking Products are professionals who swear by garapa wood for your hardwood flooring material. This type of flooring has many different benefits and will make your home look amazing for years to come. So call or visit us today in Hollywood for more information.

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