Garapa hardwood is a fantastic way to add a contemporary touch to your outdoor decor while staying within an affordable budget. Also commonly known as “Brazillian Ash,” Garapa wood has all of the great qualities of tropical hardwoods such as high density and natural durability. Read on to learn more about reasons why this type of hardwood may be the right choice for your next project. Premium Decking Products is a lumber wholesaler in the Hollywood area. Call Premium Decking Products to order your Brazilian wood today!


Why Choose Garapa Wood?


Garapa is a premium quality hardwood that typically comes with pale yellow highlights and vibrant golden brown shades. Not only is Garapa a highly affordable choice, but it offers bold hues in a fine grain that will make people think you paid much more than you actually did! Moreover, Garapa also provides a high resistance rate to fine splits, twisters, decay, and fire, just like most tropical hardwood. It is also a top choice if you are looking to avoid termites, thanks to its natural tannic acid contents and oil secretion. Garapa hardwood is called a hardwood for a reason- it’ has a high Janka rating. Janka hardness is the industry standard for measuring the hardness of wood. The Janka hardness of Garpa is around 1631, which effectively ranks this type of wood as 25% harder than Red Oak. The bending strength of Garapa is around 12,000, meaning that Garapa decking is strong enough to hold a large amount of stretch with little to no bending. If you build a deck using Garapa, it offers a certain degree of bounce under heavy loads and traffic.


An Affordable Brazilian Wood


Just like its other Brazillian cousins, Garapa is an easy wood to maintain. When exposed to an array of natural elements, Garapa hardwood turns a beautiful pale silvery shade, dispensing with the need for a sealer. Garapa doesn’t need any extraneous chemical treatments, which is one of the top reasons many of our clients decide to choose it as a decking material. Garapa is also naturally resistant to scratching and sanding, meaning that you won’t have  to sand it or worry about heavy foot traffic on your deck. Garapa also has an astounding lifespan of over three decades without any additional preservatives, which is why it is one of the most pocket friendly products on the market. The naturally brilliant shades can create many combinations under different lighting angles and generate a visually pleasant experience for viewers. Thanks to its affordability and reliability, Garapa is a top choice for decking, and one of the most popular choices with our clients. If you’re looking for a stunning look for your backyard without breaking the bank, then it’s the right choice for you! 


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There are many benefits of Garapa wood that makes it a great decking material, from its affordability to its naturally high scratch resistance and gorgeous appearance. Premium Decking Products is a top wholesale lumber provider in Hollywood. Call Premium Decking Products for your Brazilian Wood decking needs today!

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