If you live in Florida, you know how many storms and severe weather can happen in one year alone. If your home has any outdoor decking, you’ll want only the most sturdy and waterproof wood available, right? Did you know that a lot of waterproof marine lumber can be used for many household rooms as well? Marine plywood has many advantages over regular waterproof lumber, and we’ll discuss these in detail below. Premium Decking Products in Hollywood, Florida, has a wide selection of lumber, including marine grade plywood. 


Different Waterproof Lumber

Regular pressure treated lumber for decks of course offer great waterproofing shields. The process of water treating lumber involves high pressure to force a solution of water and preservative agents deep into the boards of wood to help extend it’s life outdoors. A typical pressure treated wood decking can sometimes last up to 50 years if properly maintained. There are quite a few different types of regular decking lumber that can work better depending on the climate you live in, but if you’re in a state that receives a lot of storms and rain, you want to ensure your deck is as waterproof as it can be. 


Most people don’t think too much into which wood to use for their decking beyond the pressure treated kind, but marine lumber can do wonders. This type of wood is used for boats and anything that may be in constant contact with water, and prove to be outstanding in waterlogged states for use in decking, among other applications. The wood is typically thicker and contains a specially-formulated adhesive to ensure it’s waterproof capabilities. 


Marine Plywood In Your Home

You may not realize that this type of lumber can be used in and outside your home for a variety of reasons and projects. Marine lumber does tend to get a bit pricey, but depending on your home’s needs and your climate, it may be worth the investment to provide sturdier, longer-lasting wood. 


Obviously a great choice for decking, the marine aspects of this plywood lend itself to greater longevity and durability as your deck gets a lot of wear and tear from both people and the weather. If you have a boat yourself and require any kind of a dock, you’ll want to utilize this lumber as well. You can easily use basic water-treated plywood for docks, but they’ll require sanding and treating every year for maintenance. Marine wood requires no additional maintenance while warding off wood rot and warping all on it’s own. 


Bathrooms sustain a lot of water and moisture build up without you really noticing. It can arise from everyday basic use of your shower and not enough air circulation, or it can come from leaking pipes or overflowing toilets and tubs. Even when you think you’re prepared, accidents and damage can happen to your floor faster than you think. Having the highest quality in waterproof lumber can help you avoid these flooding nightmares from causing more damage to your home.


Kitchens can be almost as treacherous as bathrooms when it comes to water and moisture. Excess steam and water from cooking can wreak havoc on your floors over time, leading to warping in lower-quality wood flooring. And if a pot of water or kettle suddenly finds itself on your floor, the damage can progress rapidly.       


Protect Your Home

You may not have realized how many different places your home can be susceptible to excess water. Making sure you use the best in water treated lumber will protect your home from anything that comes its way, whether it’s a severe storm or an overflowing tub. When you hear the word “marine” don’t automatically think it’s only for boats as this wood has many practical applications in your home. 


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