If you’re thinking of building a new deck or your deck is in need of repair, do you already know what materials you’re going to use? There are many types of wood available for your next decking project, and narrowing it down may not be as easy as you think. That’s where Premium Decking Products can help! Located in Hollywood, we offer a great selection of decking wood and provide fast and easy installation. One of the types of wood we offer is Massaranduba for decking, and it’s marvelous for many reasons. 


The Top Tier Wood For Decking

Massaranduba is a type of Brazilian wood known to have a lot of great characteristics for decking. It’s incredibly durable and strong, making it ideal for higher traffic areas outside, such as park benches and even boardwalks. Massaranduba is actually one of the hardest woods in the world, and is naturally repellent to mold, rot, fire, insect attacks and decay. This wood is low maintenance as well, meaning you can enjoy your deck more than having to maintain it. 


The benefits of Massaranduba are far reaching. It’s 100% natural wood, as most other composite decking options use a combination of wood pulp and plastic to make their wood. Massaranduba is extremely hard when put to the test. Using the Janka Scale, this Brazilian wood scores at upwards of 3,190; your typical oak wood scores around 1,200, and many other decking types score even lower than that. 


What you may not think about in your decking is having to replace certain boards over time. There’s going to be a mess or an accident at some point down the lifespan of your decking, and having to replace that section with regular composite decking will be an eyesore, as you’ll see exactly where the new piece is placed. With Massaranduba wood, you may notice the newer board for a little while, but over time it’ll blend in with the rest of the boards, holding its look and style for years to come. And with that, Massaranduba wood can last upwards of 25-75 years for your deck, depending on your weather and climate conditions. A composite deck will last about 8 years max, and pressure treated lumber can last about 5-7 years before they may begin to rot or decay.  

Massaranduba Decking Vs The Others

Obviously this Brazilian wood offers a lot of great benefits, but how does it stack up against the other types of decking wood available? The tried and true competition to Massaranduba wood is Ipe, which is generally the most well known wood decking as of right now. Ipe is about 20% stronger than Massaranduba, and offers many of the same durability and stability options. Since it’s a heavy wood it can be a little bit of a beast when it comes to getting the cuts right. And with that strength comes price as well, with Ipe becoming increasingly more expensive as the years go by.


Another decking wood that actually surpasses Massaranduba on the Janka scale is Cumaru. Often referred to as the Brazilian teak, Cumaru sits in between Ipe and Massaranduba when it comes to strength, but does have it’s fair share of stability issues, being prone to shrinkage and thus not ideal in drier climates. Jatoba, also known as the “Brazilian cherry”, is also a fine quality wood that’s mostly used in interior flooring. It also boasts rot and insect resistance along with being strong and durable. 


Tigerwood is a very rich, orange and brown background wood with dark stripes, giving it it’s name. Used mostly for decking, it’s a great option for most climates but does need kiln drying to maintain its stability. Achieving the fantastic look of the stripes can prove difficult as well, with each board having a different pattern on it, matching and lining them up can be a headache.


Massaranduba wood is still a top contender in most categories. Similar in price to Cumaru and cheaper than Ipe, this Brazilian wood still holds its own as being super strong and offering great longevity. Massaranduba does best in more moisture rich climates, having thrived in climates getting more than 8-10 more rainfall than anywhere in the United States, so it’s not an ideal wood for drier climates and conditions.     


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