Have you been considering the purchase of new wood decking for your home in Hollywood? Quite a few homeowners make this decision in order to add resale value to their properties. However, they don’t often stop to consider the reasons why new IPE decking can add this value. Premium Decking Products has put together this handy guide so you can be empowered to choose the right new deck to add the most value to your home.


How Location Affects Added Resale Value Of Your Wood Decking

The region in which your home is located has a significant impact on how much added value your new deck will impart. If your home is in an area that experiences year-round warm weather, the added benefit of having a deck will increase. Decks in these kinds of environments both experience more utility and less depreciation due to weather. Because of this, the deck will add much more value when you decide to sell your home, and be justified to the buyer.


Where Will Your New Deck Be Built?  

Deciding where on your property to install your new IPE decking can determine just how much added value the deck will give your property. Consider the view provided in both the back and front yards and the types of activities in which you envision utilizing the deck. If cookouts are important to you (or your prospective market), then a backyard deck may be best. If you instead prefer a space to relax, a front deck may be the right option. Also, take into account the kind of natural lighting the deck will receive.


What Materials Should You Use?

Not only should you decide aesthetically which material to use, but also which material is the hardiest. The most preferred material is wood, as it is aesthetically pleasing. However, wood also necessitates a decent amount of maintenance. Wood decks should be refinished regularly, and that will affect any added value to your home. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose a wood of quality, such as Brazilian lumber.


When Should You Install Your New Deck? 

Although your new deck will never add more to your resale value than you put into it, you can time the installation so that you can enjoy the deck and avoid refinishing it before you sell. Once you have decided on a material for a new deck, be sure to investigate the timing required for refinishing and other maintenance. Then you can install your deck with that timeframe in mind for selling before having to do the heavy lifting and incurring the expense of maintaining the deck.


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Are you ready to install new wood decking for your home in Hollywood? Premium Decking Products offers quality IPE decking. We specialize in Brazilian lumber, and, with our direct importation, we can provide you with a great local price for a unique product.  Take advantage of our fast delivery and quality customer service to make your new deck installation seamless and simple. Call or visit us today to get started on your next decking project.

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